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About Us

inotip Innovative Trading Platform is an ‘’Online Procurement and Project Management Platform’’ project being developed under the roof of AlbaSoft Information Technologies.

inotip is a 2,5-year venture project developed by the core technical team working at various levels in the construction industry and translated into digital language by the software team.

As a result of the accelerated communication in all kinds of sectors, it offers the efficiency of the users, the clarity of the processes and the evaluation of resources in the most optimal way. Management with up-to-date online platforms offers noticeable improvements in parameters such as time, performance, transparency, continuity and resource usage compared to traditional methods.

With the development of this project, it is aimed to prevent time and resource losses due to the slower development of digitalization in the construction sector compared to other production sectors, and to fill an important gap in a sector with such a large business volume.

This project has been designed and developed for the digitization of procurement and project management processes for the construction, industry and building sectors.