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The project is a platform software designed specifically for the construction, building and industry sectors. It is a special project in which the communication of both the Buyer and the Supplier companies are completely digital, as well as the field and customer branches can be monitored with easy interfaces.

Therefore, if you work in the construction, building and industry sectors or provide materials and / or services to these sectors in any way, inotip is for you! A wide range of companies, from turnkey contractors to material providers, from project designers to catering companies, from machinery rental companies to hardware stores, meet at inotip.

Although facilitates many of your operational processes, it is not a traditional ERP software.

  • inotip, inotip is an online software using cloud storage solutions; therefore, there are no additional costs such as infrastructure investment, maintenance, repair, and updating, like traditional ERPs.
  • As another advantage of the online system, you can easily access the information you want from anywhere with a single click, all you need is an internet connection!
  • Since there is no need for server installation, your construction sites do not need an infrastructure other than internet.
  • Since your data is constantly backed up and protected, local system problems such as data loss, server corruption and archive loss do not occur.
  • It has been designed with an innovative design approach that is extremely easy-to-use and user-friendly, since complex interfaces reduce the usage rate. It is far from the complexity of traditional ERP systems.
  • You are in complete control of the processes! does not perform automatic invoicing and does not record your financial information. The important thing is that you can easily access your administrative data.
  • Since it is specifically designed for the construction and industry sectors with the logic of “Open Platform”, it expands the portfolio of both our Buyer companies and our Supplier companies.
  • It does not require specially trained personnel, it can be easily used by all your personnel with ‘single click’. It saves you from months of data entry and personnel training problems.

On the other hand, it does not integrate with accounting programs like traditional ERPs and does not contain this type of information unless you request it. The aim of inotip is not to record the entire paperwork process, but to provide you with the administrative and operational tools necessary to make your administrative and financial decisions faster and easier.

While every transaction is accelerating so fast all over the world, time comes first among the things that both managers and employees value most. Not using the advantages of the digital world causes losses in time, money and efficiency.

Inotip, on the other hand, stands out with its features of being easy, fast, transparent and secure; One of the most important design criteria is that it should be comprehensible enough to be used by everyone in your team. It eliminates the need to employ specially trained personnel and makes data flow transparent. Take a step with inotip to catch up with the digital age!

Cloud computing, It is an internet-based data storage service that allows data sharing between all devices such as computers, phones, tablets and servers without time and location restrictions.

The main design priorities of Inotip are speed, transparency and flexibility. Cloud technology is indispensable for inotip as it allows you to access your data 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection. With this technology, all your data is protected with high system security standards, protecting you from technological investment, maintenance, repair and update costs. Your data will not be lost in cases where computers are damaged or company computers are infected with viruses.

Companies operating in the construction sector naturally work with their construction sites at different locations. Inotip reduces the information flow time between the construction site and the center to milliseconds, ends the complexity. For that purpose, only internet connection, e-mail address and password are required.

It is encrypted and stored in high security data centers with TIER3 standard in accordance with the current information security standards and KVKK requirements. All communication between your computer and data center is encrypted with 256bit SSL certificate. In addition, all kinds of security measures were taken on the basis of software and hardware, and PenTest of the system was conducted.

As a buyer company, you can add the supplier companies that you frequently work with to the inotip system with the Supplier Management System. Our inotip Support Team will assist you with this. Inotip, on the other hand, aims to meet your purchase requests from the wide supplier network and get the best price with its ‘Open Platform’ feature. Being able to get offers from 10 companies instead of 3 companies that you always get prices from increases competition and transparency. Being able to reach this company in a much shorter time with much less effort saves you time and money while your company is still at the purchasing stage.

As a supplier company, it provides the opportunity to be instantly informed about new projects, to make offers in a very short time, and to compete in a completely transparent environment. In addition, our Supplier companies have the opportunity to meet with new Buyer companies that are not in their portfolio, to introduce themselves and to give offers.

Also, inotip is not just a purchasing software, it is equipped with modules that enable our Buyer companies to manage their projects, our Supplier companies’ offers/sales and their customers.

Our buyer companies can easily convert the site requisitions recieved from the site team into purchases (RFQs), or they can create direct purchase requests without requisitions.

All purchases are published through a 4-stage Sector Categorization System specially designed for construction, building and industry sectors. This system has been prepared to match purchases with the most accurate Suppliers; Your purchase of ready-mixed concrete is not sent to cable suppliers, it prevents loss of productivity on both the Buyer and Supplier’s side.

You can publish your purchases with two methods:

  1. Open Procurement Process : This method of procurement broadcasts your purchase to all Suppliers in the relevant industry on the open platform. In this way, you can get the best prices by taking advantage of the wide supplier network.
  2. Private Procurement Process : This method of procurement broadcasts your purchase only to companies that you choose and are in your supplier list. This gives you flexibility in situations where you want to work with a limited supplier or want to keep your purchase confidential.

You can use any method you want as much as you want, there is no restriction on quantity or method for purchasing transactions in the inotip system.

inotip systems work in the form of B2B (Business to Business). The Buyer or Supplier, who does not have the title of a real company, cannot be included in the system. All companies, whether they are buyers or suppliers, are registered with tax plates and circular of signature while being included in the system.

Your offers are for your eyes only, no one can see the offers except the officials of your company that you have authorized in the system. In both our Buyer and Supplier companies, only those interested in those offers have the opportunity to access the offer.

inotip offers you alternatives so that you can publish your purchase in the most efficient way, it does not limit it with bill of quantities. You can make a purchase with the BoQ, or you can request prices from our Supplier companies by publishing the project and/or technical specification directly. In this alternative, our Supplier companies are expected to create their own material/labor lists and prices accordingly. Since this method is often used in the construction industry, inotip is also flexible in this respect.

Our buyer companies can determine the payment and shipment conditions and other conditions, if any, when creating a request for quotation (RFQ) and notify our Supplier companies along with the request. In addition, without specifying the requirements, the Buyer Company may also ask request from the supplier companies to specify their conditions. This information is also presented in comparison charts.

inotip digitizes purchasing processes on both the Buyer and Supplier side, so you don’t have to do anything manually. Quotations are prepared and presented by the system, including comparison tables.

On the other hand, if you receive an offer from a company other than inotip, you can manually enter this offer to use in analysis and comparisons. Inotip provides flexibility in this respect.

You can request revisions to companies 3 times via inotip. Revised offers are also listed and archived together with the first received offers.

While our supplier companies are bidding on inotip, they can automatically make an offer in US Dollar, Euro and Turkish Lira currencies.

When our supplier companies make an offer in Dollar and Euro, they decide whether the exchange rate of their offers will be TCMB indexed or fixed rates, and their offers are presented to the Buyer companies according to their preferences.

Buyer companies see the incoming offers both in foreign currency and converted into Turkish Lira according to the selected rate.

Prices of offers are automatically converted into Turkish Lira for comparison and analysis purposes. The purpose of this is to provide an easy and accurate comparison of offers transmitted in different currencies and/or mixed with TL. At this point, if the Supplier company prefers to fix the rate, the fixed rate is used and this is shown to the Buyer company. If the supplier company prefers to trade at the TCMB rate, its bid is updated based on the indicative Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Effective Selling (Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankası Efektif Satış Kuru) Rate determined at 15.30 the day before. In this way, all offers are kept up-to-date according to the exchange rate for the purpose of comparison, preventing the purchasing authorities

After the site requisitions are prepared, they can be seen in the system of the purchasing team after they are approved by the user who is in the role of Project Manager. Also, you can specify related personnel for approval with their approval range It is not a mandatory procedure. Even if you do not create an approval list, the relevant people can review the offers and the process.

Since inotip digitizes the entire procurement process, comparison tables are automatically created in the system, preventing your purchasing officers from wasting time. The system provides 2 types of comparisons,

  1. General Comparison:   The total prices of the material/labor/rental prices of the offers and the offer conditions are presented in a single table. Accordingly, you can examine the supplier’s payment, and shipment conditions with deadlines in a single table along with the price detailes.
  2. Detailed Comparison: If you have published your purchase request with a BoQ, it compares the offers of the suppliers on the basis of unit price and detailed information. While making this comparison, it also presents details such as quantity, brand and price in the same table that you can easily follow.

Automatic comparisons prevent errors or loss of information, and increase the time and efficiency of your purchasing team.

Inotip does not issue invoices through the system, does not keep your financial records in the system, and does not force companies to make transactions in this way.

We know that each company has company-specific working and monitoring methods for its financial affairs, we believe that your financial transactions belong to the inner workings of your company, and we do not impose these transactions as a part of our workflows. For this reason, we do not integrate into accounting programs or existing ERP programs. We provide this flexibility by evaluating that our companies may have methods such as completing their purchases by meeting face-to-face, negotiating one-on-one, and arranging the conditions by mutual negotiation. We are not involved in the contract and invoicing processes between the two companies.

In addition, when you complete your purchasing/sales transactions, inotip allows you to manage post-purchase analysis and archiving, and allows you to easily upload your connection and contract documents to the system and archive them and access them with a single click. You can archive the documents you want by uploading them to this interface.

The inotip system can be defined as ‘Procurement Management’. It works by submitting the offers of the companies on the platform, again on the platform, in the time interval you specify, according to the conditions you specify and the documents you submit. Incoming offers can be seen instantly.

E-tender method as we know in construction industry has not been included in the system yet. However, we also continue to work on ‘Closed Envelope’ and ‘Open Auction’ type tendering methods.

Our authorization system was designed on a project basis for the Buyer companies. Your managers and personnel in your company are assigned with predefined roles within the project they will work to determine which data they can access. The information that each of your Management – Purchasing – Field – Technical Office teams can access is different from each other.

For our supplier companies, the authorization system was designed on a team basis. This authorization system is flexible to allow the creation of teams for regional offices, dealerships and different sales departments within a single company, and allows you to manage all customer relationship management (CRM) from a single online platform.

Our Inotip Support Center Team will be happy to support your company while setting up your teams and preparing your authorization scenarios.

The report system has been designed on a project basis for our buyer companies. In this way, it was aimed that the authorized persons in that project would be able to access the reports created in that project and to prevent the mail-message confusion. The reporting scenario works together with authorization, each user can see the reports of the users assigned under himself/herself and can give the report to the supervisors; that is, while each user can see the reports of their own staff, they cannot see the reports of their managers. While preparing the report, you can select the report category and attach files.

Project management systems are mainly designed to monitor and manage the information received from construction sites and production areas quickly and easily, so the backbone of these systems is that technical information which can be processed into the system with user-friendly interfaces from anywhere with an internet connection. For this, there is no need to make a system investment at the construction sites, it is sufficient to introduce your users to the system and assign them to the project they are interested in. After this stage, your field teams can instantly enter and monitor data and reports into the system. These systems allow you to monitor your budget-cost status, to follow the project processes, to see the progress payment / cut / contract information of subcontractors instantly, and to instantly access the data and OHS documents of the teams working in the field. All of this information, which is checked every day at every construction site, is at your fingertips on a single platform with a single click and can be easily used by all your staff.

If you have any questions about project management modules and usage patterns, our inotip Support Center team will be happy to assist you.

For our buyer companies, a special price study is made for each company based on the number of users and storage space; inotip is a set of systems that work in integration with each other, so the systems are not sold separately, there are no other restrictions (project limit, opened purchase limit, bid limit, etc.) or modules sold with an additional fee on the platform. Payments are determined as Annual License, you can pay with options such as credit card/debit card, money order/EFT

You can access the information about our pre-defined packages for our supplier companies on our website and register directly. If you need more users or storage space, contact the inotip Support Team and a special offer will be prepared for you based on your company’s needs. Payments are determined as Annual License, you can pay with options such as credit card/debit card, money order/EFT.

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