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Innovative Trading Platform

What is inotip?

inotip is a Digital Procurement and Project Management Platform developed specifically for the construction, building and industry sectors.

It aims to provide the most efficient, easy and fast process management for our business partner companies; puts the management of your projects at your fingertips with one touch.

The project is a platform software designed specifically for the construction, building and industry sectors. It is a special project in which the communication of both the Buyer and the Supplier companies are completely digital, as well as the field and customer branches can be monitored with easy interfaces.

Therefore, if you work in the construction, building and industry sectors or provide materials and / or services to these sectors in any way, inotip is for you! A wide range of companies, from turnkey contractors to material providers, from project designers to catering companies, from machinery rental companies to hardware stores, meet at inotip.

If you want to save time and reduce your expenses at the same time, ‘inotip’ is for you. With its easy interface, you can perform your transactions instantly, and at the same time, you end the e-mail and telephone traffic. We offer you the software that can answer all your questions whenever you want, wherever there is internet. You can take advantage of the privileges of the inotip world by joining our system.

While every transaction is accelerating so fast all over the world, time comes first among the things that both managers and employees value most. Not using the advantages of the digital world causes losses in time, money and efficiency.

Inotip, on the other hand, stands out with its features of being easy, fast, transparent and secure; One of the most important design criteria is that it should be comprehensible enough to be used by everyone in your team. It eliminates the need to employ specially trained personnel and makes data flow transparent. Take a step with inotip to catch up with the digital age!

Thanks to its easy interface, you can access all the operations you need to do in the system, whenever you have internet access, either from your mobile device or from your computer.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
Your Digital Transformation Partner

Buyer Platform

As the Buyer Company, you can open your project in the ‘Price Research’ or ‘Procurement’ categories in inotip, use it both for your pre-tender budget studies and for your site requisitions from the beginning to the end of the process, and you can easily access your data.

In addition, you can follow up your budget, personnel, contractor and project with one click without dealing with phone or e-mail traffic.

Specific Systems to Buyer Platform

Your Digital Transformation Partner

Supplier Platform

This system, you can be informed about the projects related to your sector at the Price Research or tender phase with a single click.

Quickly convey your offers to buyers, expand your market, and reduce your expenses. Appeal to a wider audience of potential customers with less effort.

Specific Systems to the Supplier Platform