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Supplier Platform Systems

Your Digital Transformation Partner

What does inotip gain for Suppliers?

inotip allows you to manage your sales, stock, management and reporting processes from a single online platform with its systems specially developed in accordance with the needs of the construction industry. It saves time, increases your productivity, performance and profitability!

inotip offers all its systems to your service, you do not pay for each system separately!

inotip is a completely online and cloud-based system, you can access the information you want whenever you want, and you do not have any expenses such as training, maintenance, repair, update, system investment!

For Your Sales Team

Sales Management System

Supplier companies can instantly see the purchase requests of the Buyer companies in their own sectors and can submit their offers. The prepared offers are delivered to the Buyer company after the approval of the Supplier company management.

In this way, the Supplier company gains access to a wide market in its sector. Companies can examine the purchase requests and offers at any time with one click.

For Your Sales Team

External Sales Management System

Supplier companies can add the sales they have made outside of inotip platform and control over inotip whenever they want. Through this system, your teams can also prepare offers for sales transactions other than inotip purchases and use it by printing it out.

Thus, all sales transactions of supplier companies can be managed in a transparent manner and archived in a way that can be accessed at any time.

For All Your Teams

Customer Management System

Supplier companies add the companies they work with to their directory and secure their customer portfolios under inotip’s digital archive.

Supplier companies can monitor their business relations with Buyer companies via inotip, and create reminders and notes.

For your Management Team

Buyer Management System

Buyer companies, by connecting with Supplier companies, will have access to the special purchase requests they have created in their sector and they can bid on these requests.

For All Your Teams

Reporting System

End to the mess of reports by e-mail, message, phone. Organize and archive all your team’s reports according to their authorization levels. With this system, you can control the reports you want from a single point, from daily site production reports to personnel reports, and easily manage your team’s performance!

For All Your Teams

Authorization System

It has been specially designed as the backbone of all inotip systems. Build your teams, get rid of authority and management confusion. You can determine access limits for your personnel within system!

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