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1. It is a website (“Site”) of Albasoft Bilişim Teknolojileri Ltd Şti (“inotip”), where the corporate information of inotip is presented. Please read the following conditions. Your access to the site is subject to the following legal conditions determined between you and inotip.

2. General terms of use: From the moment you start using the Site, you gain the right to access, use and receive commercial communications, commercial electronic messages, certain interfaces and functions offered on or through this Site and other related sites, if any.

i.By entering this site, using the site means you have read and accepted the usage policy and terms. For this, your “declaration of acceptance” in any form or created is not required.

ii.In case you are required to become a member or make an explicit declaration of acceptance, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of use written here by choosing the “accept and approval” steps.

iii.If you think that you cannot fulfill the obligations envisaged in the terms of use or that you cannot meet the approval/permission conditions, do not use this site. However, if you are not at the age required for the validity of your declaration of acceptance or if you have a limitation, do not use this site, as your declaration of acceptance will not be legal validity.

3. Follow-up/change of terms of use:

The site is constantly renewed and updated by inotip in order to provide the best possible service to the users (the term user is used as a general term describing everyone who enters the site, including membership).

Depending on innovations and updates, changes may occur in the information and content offered.

inotip reserves the right to change the terms of use or to introduce new/additional conditions at any time without prior notice. Changes made to be aware of all necessary terms of use will be presented on the site and will take effect on the date they are published. Use after such change constitutes acceptance of such changes.

4. Use of the site and content:

i.On the site; Logo, brand, promotional material, data file, written text, information, news, opinion, advice, advertisement, announcement, sound, music, video, photograph, visual, software and some of the similar content (“Site Content”) can be directly created by inotip, some may be published by obtaining from other sources.

ii.inotip does not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information, communication, commercial electronic messages or other websites to which information is given, and does not undertake any legal responsibility. It is the users’ responsibility to comply with the usage and privacy policies and other warnings of the said third party websites.

iii.The information and quotations of third parties on the site are for promotional purposes. inotip and/or the owners of this content have the right to change the content and terms of service without notice.

iv.There may be age-related legal restrictions on the site. Users are required to abide by these restrictions.

v.Unless otherwise stipulated by inotip, users do not have the right to sell products or services, advertise for commercial purposes, make announcements and similar initiatives, or engage in trade using the site pages or site content.

vi.inotip has the right to determine the site and its content as it wishes, and may present the site with advertisements and promotions. Advertising and promotions do not have to be directly related to the site. inotip may change its applications and tariffs regarding advertisements as and when it wishes without prior notice.

vii.It is accepted that users who benefit from the content of the site take the risk related to the content to be obtained through this site.

viii.By accepting the terms of use, you accept responsibility for all the actions you will take in case you benefit from the site in any way. Regardless of the source, the user has the right to attempt or not to act according to the content of the site or any communication to be made through the site. The legal consequences of the decision to be made in this regard belong exclusively to the user. inotip does not take any responsibility in this regard.

ix. inotip cannot be held responsible for any material, moral, legal, financial consequences, damages or indirect damages such as loss of earnings that may arise due to any use, including faulty, unlawful or unlawful use of the content and services provided on the site. inotip does not guarantee the accuracy and adequacy of all kinds of opinions, information, evaluations, comments and statistical figures and values in the resources accessed through the site. Inotip cannot be held responsible for errors and deficiencies in the resources accessed through the site, disruptions that may occur in data publication, delays, incompleteness, inaccuracies or stopping of data publication, direct and/or indirect damages that may be incurred as a result of using the accessed information, lack of profit, moral damages and damages that may be incurred by third parties. inotip may stop, cancel, change information and/or eliminate such data flow without any prior notice.

5. User content:

i.Responsibility for actions and actions related to any information, written text, opinion, visual, photograph, link and similar content (“User Content”) sent or disclosed to the site by the user (including inotip and compensation for damages incurred by third parties) belongs exclusively to the user. Inotip reserves the right to pre-select, review, completely or partially remove from scope, unpublish or block access to User Content posted or submitted by users on the site, without any obligation in this regard.

ii.The User agrees and undertakes that he/she will not make any profit from the User Content he/she will add and not to engage in commercial activities.

iii.Any User Content sent, transmitted, used, created or transmitted to third parties via the Site by the Users is deemed to have no confidentiality and does not contain any intellectual and industrial rights/copyright/license rights. When users create and add any content that is considered to be confidential or intellectual and industrial property rights, it is deemed that this content does not contain a “legal defect” and has the right to publish them by digital transmission. Otherwise, all responsibility belongs to the User.

iv.By inotip and/or other users, the User Content uploaded to the site or shared in any way will contain/include the promotion, logo or similar content to be determined by inotip and without any explanation or sign regarding the rightful owner or the discloser. can be used; may be shared with third parties or uploaded to other websites, linked to; has accepted that it can be viewed by third parties without membership requirements. inotip may trade User Content and generate revenue on them by any means. The User accepts and declares that he/she gives unconditional permission to use the User Content by inotip.

6. No guarantees:

This site is provided for the benefit of users as is and does not contain any written or verbal guarantees, specific or general, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

inotip does not guarantee that the functions and content on this site are safe and error-free, that the defects will be corrected or that the site itself or the upstream and downstream sites/links belonging to third parties do not contain viruses or other harmful content, together with the server used to put this site into service.

İnotip site and content provided; does not give any express or implied commitment that it will meet all expectations, purposes and special needs, and that it will be of uninterrupted and sufficient quality. Because of the inotip, site or site Content; does not take any responsibility against the Members or Users for consequential damages such as loss of profit, consequential damages or indirect damages. inotip reserves the right to terminate the publication of the site partially or completely, to close it, to partially or completely change all the content, visual design and similar elements on the site, to disable it or to make it chargeable without prior notice.

7. Bottom and Top Links: On this site, sub and top sites operated by third parties that inotip does not own or control, can be found and linked to, links/information can be given to them. inotip does not have any guarantees or special commitments regarding the content, suitability, security, privacy policies and continuous communication of these accessed sites. Inotip cannot be held responsible for the personal data provided to the said sites, the content and services utilized from these sites, and the privacy policies and practices of these sites.

8. Membership conditions:

Registration: inotip may make the use of some sections dependent on membership/registration, organize different membership categories, and change existing categories. Some identification and contact information may be required during registration.
Member name and password: Name and password are given to the member or created by the member.
All kinds of information entered during registration, placed on the site and content, transmitted or sent through this site; The member is responsible for (i) identification information, (ii) contact information. The identity and contact information provided for registration is considered to be up-to-date, accurate and reliable. Keeping the username and password is the responsibility of the member.
Inotip does not accept any liability for incorrect, illegal or unauthorized use of username and password. In cases of unauthorized and unauthorized use, the member who caused this inotip or third parties is responsible for any damages or losses.
All responsibility for the transactions carried out through the membership account belongs to the member.

Members are deemed to have accepted and guaranteed that any information transmitted to the site or sent through this site is reliable, correct, not misleading, does not violate the rights of third parties, is not against the law, is presented in good faith, and that the said information has the right to be posted or transmitted.
The member is obliged to take the necessary measures and notify inotip as soon as she/he learns that the user name and password are used without permission or that an attempt is made to seize.

9. Commercial communications: Member or users; Declaring that inotip or inotip does not own and does not control the operation, that electronic messages or commercial electronic messages can be sent from websites operated by third parties, and that they have given prior permission/approval to the sending of electronic messages to be sent through all kinds of electronic communication, whether commercial or not, and has accepted. The Member has the right to revoke this permission/approval and to reject commercial electronic messages at any time. Rejection requests are processed by inotip within 3 working days at the latest. Reject paths are shown in messages where the sender is the inotip.

10. Collection of visit information: When the site is visited, the web servers automatically begin to collect information to enable the site to communicate with the visitor’s computer. In addition, information such as the number of visits to the site, which part of the site visitors prefer, IP addresses, domain type, browser type, date and time, and circulation on the website are monitored, controlled and stored. Using the site means that the user consents to the collection, processing and storage of the specified information.

11. Personal information: Personal data submitted/registered by the users to the site or collected by the Site automatically or through cookies in accordance with these Terms of Use shall be subject to applicable law. This information is in compliance with the legislation and Personal Data Policy for purposes such as providing access to the Site, member login, ensuring Site security, analysis of user habits, tastes and preferences, creating statistics, communication, marketing, making announcements or for other purposes where the explicit consent of the Member is obtained. It can be used, processed, stored, shared with third parties in the country or abroad for these purposes, and used within the scope of advertising, marketing, notification and similar activities related to inotip’s field of activity. Inotip has the right to benefit from site activity information, access tools and browser information in this context.

It is prohibited for users to collect, save, process personal data of other members and/or users through the Site or to use, copy, reproduce the Site database.

Users can access detailed information about their Personal Data and their rights regarding the processing of their data from the Clarification Text and Personal Data Policy published on the site.

12. prohibition of interference: It is prohibited to violate or attempt to violate the security of the site. Legal and criminal action may be taken against those who attempt such violations and a lawsuit may be filed. Any claim of violation will be investigated by inotip and if an illegal violation is suspected, the relevant legal institutions will be consulted/cooperated. If it is determined that the actions specified in this article have been carried out, the access of the relevant person and users to the site is terminated, and their memberships, if any, are cancelled. The person or persons who committed the violation are, in accordance with the law, financially, legally and criminally liable to the person and/or inotip whose rights have been violated.

13. Violation of terms of use: Suspending, terminating users’ access to the site without prior notice, with the right to reject, remove from the content, delete the information available in the system, regardless of whether the violation occurs fully or not, in case of non-compliance with the Website Terms of Use on the inotip site or an attempt to violate the rules, reserves the right (although not obligatory) to cancel its membership, if any. It also applies in case of an indirect breach of the Terms or an attempt to violate the terms by a third party acting on behalf of the User. The failure of inotip to exercise or implement any legal right or measure written herein does not mean that inotip has waived or accepted the violation of its rights specified in these Terms of Use or arising from the law.

14. Site policies:

i.subject of crime: Users, i) Situations that are crimes both in the international arena and within the scope of local legislation ii) They are obliged not to act in violation of the relevant regulations and directives of the European Union.

ii.Forbidden Acts: Users have agreed and committed not to run or use software that sends more messages than a human’s capacity to send to the site server in a certain time period.

15. the expiry: The user may terminate the use of the Site and his membership, if any, at any time, without being subject to any restrictions and without notice, unless there is a separate agreement or arrangement in the content of the site. If it is stipulated on the site, it is mandatory to follow the steps regarding termination of membership. inotip; (i) if the user violates the terms or policies written here or specified by inotip, (ii) if the user does not have the right to use due to legal restrictions, (iii) in accordance with the legislation or the decisions of administrative regulatory bodies (iv) In case the access to the site is lost due to legal regulations or force majeure, (v) iAt the discretion of inotip, it may cancel the membership, prevent the use or terminate the site without any notice due to suspension, suspension, termination or similar reasons.

16. Records: In case of disputes that may arise from the use of the site, all kinds of electronic and commercial records, including inotip’s books and communication logs, and e-mail and fax notifications made by inotip to users constitute definitive and exclusive evidence.

17. Language: If there is an incompatibility between the Turkish and foreign language versions of the website, “Terms of Use” and “Confidentiality and Security Conditions”, the Turkish version is considered valid.

18. Notification contract: It is accepted by inotip that e-mail or fax notifications to the contact information of the users on the site will have the same legal consequences as the valid notification.

19. Applicable provisions: Laws of the Republic of Turkey are applied in the disputes that may arise regarding the use of the site. Users residing outside the Republic of Turkey and connecting to the Site from outside the Republic of Turkey also accept that the laws of the Republic of Turkey are valid in any disputes that may arise regarding the use of the site and waive their rights arising from all other applicable country regulations.

20. Authorized courts and enforcement offices: Istanbul (Central) Courts and Execution Offices will be authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise regarding the site and terms of use.

21. Information and communication: For questions regarding the terms of use of the website, you can get more information by writing to [email protected].

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